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Learn to Read Astrology

This web site was originally set up to market a series of eBooks on astrology that once sold on our eBay site. The Ultimate Astrology package is now only $1 from this site.  Check out this web site.

Learn Chinese Astrology

Web site introducing the topic of Chinese Astrology. Some simple explanations and resources that can help you learn all about it. Check out Chinese Astrology.

Learn to Read Palms

Web Site introducing the topic of palmistry. (chiromancy). Provide some simple explanations and guides you to resources that can help you learn more about palm reading. Check out the Palmistry web site.

Learn to Read Tarot

Web Site introducing the topic of tarot card reading. Provides some simple information and guides you to more detailed information. Check out the tarot card reading web site here.

Learn Numerology

Web Site with some detailed information on the topic of numerology. (Reading Numbers). Topics covered include life plan numbers, destiny numbers, personality by numerology, compatibility by numerology. Check out the Numerology web site here.


Ever wonder what the star sign of your favourite celebrity is? Does it explain their crazy personality or mad love life? LoveStars will let you know about all the celebs..check out the celebrity star signs here.

Star Sign Compatibility

What does your star sign say about your personality? What does your partners star sign say about your relationship? Star Sign Compatibility gives you an assessment of relationship between star signs...the joys, the pitfalls and never to treads. Check out relationship compatibility by star sign at the web site.

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